Life Sucks But You Gotta Hold On.


I know that sometimes you feel like crap, you feel like you don’t belong, and the whole world comes crashing down. Just know that you will be alright. Never hurt yourself and never scar yourself, because you are incredibly and utterly beautiful. Never let people that don’t matter get in the way of your happiness. Always remember to hold on and never give ùp cuz if you give up now you will never know of the many experiences waiting for you, you will never see the mind blowing places waiting to be descoverd by you. And the people that will make you laugh and cry the memories you will look proudly back at and tell your kids about. So hold on, because things do get better they always get better. So please know that I’m here for you if no one else is. But before me or anyone else you need to accept yourself, you need to love yourself and most of all you need to be there for you cuz you can and will be your own hero.


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