You stabbed me, but I’m okay..

Placeholder Image“As you spoke, your lips moved so fast I couldn’t keep track. At first I tried to pay attention, to understand and put the pieces together as you threw them at me. But after a while I gave up, after the words “I can’t do this anymore” I gave up understanding and listening. Everything around me stopped moving, it felt like I was stuck in slow motion. It felt like everything was in front of me but I couldn’t reach out to grab it. I was frozen, I was stuck. Your words twisted my insides. And I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t transform my thoughts into words therefore I was speechless. Slowly you started turning around, I wanted to not understand what was happening, I wanted to ask you where you were going. But unfortunately I already knew exactly what was happening, you were walking out, leaving me cold, slamming the door in my face. The worst part of it all was you did it so politely, you ripped me apart, shred by shred, like a gentleman. You promised to stay but that’s not the only thing you broke, you broke my trust you killed me slowly, you pressed the knife deeper and deeper into my back, while you slowly stroked my face and swept away the tears from my eyes.”-H
I wrote this because I know that there will be several people in your life that will make you feel like you’ve never felt before. They will sweep you of your feet and make dreams come true. Slowly with every act of kindness they do you will pour a little bit of you into them. Your heart will start to belong to them. But there will come a day when they walk away. And when that happens you will feel drained, you will feel like the world has ended and there is no reason to stay any longer. But that feeling of heartbreak you get is not because the world has ended. It is simply because you gave the other person too much of you, blinded by their acts of kindness you handed them each and of every piece of you. You even gave up the parts that were for your keeping. You gave up your legs and depended on the other person to carry you. Well sweetheart I’m sorry to say but that person couldn’t bear the weight. You need to remember to keep a part of you to your self, you need to keep your legs so you can both walk together as equals and you need to keep the mind so you can make your own decisions and know right from wrong. Always know that you need your self more than anyone else and always remember that when everyone else is gone you have youself and you are perfect.
You stabbed me, but I’m okay..

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