A Simple Story, A Simple Fantasy.


Fantasies, we create them to find a way out of everything wrong in our lives. Wether it’s in the form of a book, a movie or a tv show, at the end it’s a story and it will live with us forever. A story that will make you laugh and cry and sometimes even question your existence, that’s the kind of story you hold on too. A story that makes you wonder who you are and what your propose in life is. Just a simple story that will wash away the pain and bring in mixed emotions of happiness and joy and love. But all stories come to an end, and at that point it doesn’t really matter if the ending was happy or not. What matters is that it made you fall in love with the characters, it made their memories your memories. You laughed along and you cried too. We might not realise it now but fantasies and stories have a huge impact on our lives. The charecters and the struggles they go through, the mistakes they make, these mistakes make us feel like we’re not the first ones to mess up. And everything can be forgiven.

Lately I myself have been a huge wreck. I’m at the point in my life where everything is about to change, it’s my last year in school and I don’t know what to do with my life. I don’t want to see my result and choose a college to go to. But on the other hand I can’t wait to get out of shool. My mind is filled with thoughts and emotions. I feel scared, uncertain, not ready but I also feel excited and joyful. So in my time of confusion I turned to a source for help, a story in the form of a tv show. I started watching a tv show called “Awkward”, this was supposed to be for just comedy. But it took me into the lives of teenagers my age and showed me that it was normal to feel the way I felt. From the first episode to the last I kept falling in love with every aspect of the story. I understood the characters and connected with them, I loved their way of life and learned from the mistakes they made. I also learned to never give up on your dreams and how important your friends are and how much you should appreciate them. When I watched the last episode I cried my eyes out. Because I was so in love with them that I couldn’t watch it all end. But like I said “All stories come to an end”.
And with their story ending I learned to take all that I had learned from each and every person in this tv show and put it in my story. I learned to write things my way. And most of all I learned the impact fantasies have on our lives and how important they are-H

A Simple Story, A Simple Fantasy.

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