What would you do differently?


I’ve been thinking lately, and this question just keeps on bugging me. So I thought “why not write about it?”. I know how most of us(including me) talk about being ourselves all the time and not changing who we are for others. But I have a question, What is the meaning of being ourselves?, “Who are we really?
Well after giving it a lot of thought I came to a conclusion which might or might not be true in your case but I think it is true for me.

The only time we really are ourselves is when we are alone. When not a single person is around us we feel comfortable and loosen up a bit. Or for some of us the only time we are ourselves is the time when we are thinking, judging others or even talking to ourselves in our heads. Because in our head is a place no one can reach. As long as a thought remains in your head it is yours and only you know of it. The thing is when the time comes to say it out loud, most people first look around and evaluate then they think of the reaction of others to that particular thought when it’s said aloud. They change the words around a bit and sometimes don’t even say it out loud at all because they’re scared of what it would sound like. And that’s okay, it’s okay to be careful of the words you say because once you’ve said it there’s no going back.
But what if you where given a mask and put into a room full of strangers who had now idea what you looked like or who you were. Would you then say aloud what you feel. Because I know that I would. Not caring about what you look like or what you sound like when you say something would be a relief to me. I would say what I want and do what I want. I would carelessly be myself. And that is the truth no matter how much you try to be yourself around others, the way you look or what you sound like will always get in the way.

So today I ask every person who reads this to comment how they would act if they were given a mask and no one could recognise them. Would you feel free or would you rather not have the mask? What would you do, and what would you say? If you stood behind a mask?-H


What would you do differently?

3 thoughts on “What would you do differently?

  1. Hello. Now following you. Interesting question about the mask. I wouldn’t like to wear one. They frighten me a bit. I suppose that we wear a personality mask anyway. And of course, the same will go for other people.

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    1. Thank you for the comment. And yeah I agree with you we do wear a personality mask. And I think that it’s pretty awesome that you wouldn’t wear one, cause most people would love the thought of saying what they wanna say without being seen. Only these days it’s already happening but not in the form of masks but in social media. We sit behind a device and say what we feel without being seen.


  2. wordlymattersblog says:

    what you’ve written is so true. I completely agree. About the mask, I wouldn’t have one. There’s already too many people wearing it, and if there is a way i wouldn’t have to wear it, it would be amazing. I love your blog!


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