The person you are


“You can easily lose yourself.The person you are, the things that join together to build every piece of you. It took you years to get where you stand today, and it might not be a place you want to be. Or it might not be a place you feel proud of. But think of all the little details that make you the person you are today. Think of the people you hold close to your heart and in the warmth of your love. And now think of those you’ve blocked outside of the walls you’ve built around you. Think of the colors that blind you and those that are just to dark. Think of all the right and the wrong turns you’ve made to reach where you are. Think of life as a map, only that this one is blank. So choose the places you visit carefully because they will end up on this map. And at the end of the day my map would have some dark places that I wouldn’t want to revisit but some would be so beautiful to look back at.

You can’t expect your life to be full of rainbows and flowers. You need to have a bump here and there that’s the only way you can become stronger, the only way to grow. So look at the place you stand today and make as many memories, mistakes and stupid decisions as you can. Because soon you will be looking back. And when you look back don’t you wanna smile and think of the total ass you were (and still probably are). Always remember that these awkward moments of embarrassment and weirdness are the best you’ll ever have. So embrace the awkwardness as long as it lasts. Because one day it will be gone and all you will have to remember it will be a stupid image in your head (or your smartphone) either way it will be gone so why not embrace it.“-H

The person you are

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