She, she was doing  great on her own, she was carrying her weight. She was starting to belong, she was starting to hold on, hold on to the person she was and things she had.  She could see her self in a place she wanted to be, a place she loved. All that she wanted was to make others smile, she wrote about love, light and all the blessings in life.

        Until one day he fell, he fell out of the sky and into her world. He took her places she’d never been before and he opened up doors to world’s she didn’t know existed. She didn’t walk alone anymore and he carried her weight. She put her trust in him, and her whole world started to revolve around him.  Until one day he left, he left without a goodbye or an explanation. He just disappeared, leaving everything in her world to crumble. She knew no longer what to do and how to cope. She was left to carry the weight, she was left to carry the heartbreak, the confusion and the pain. She had lost the person she was and had become someone she didn’t recognise. She had lost the way home and she had stopped living. Now she just seemed to exist among the others, she  no longer had a smile on her face. All she ever wrote about was the darkness and the sorrow. She no longer believed in love, she learned to spell it back word and knew it was evil.

      But somewhere inside her she knew that she couldn’t give up now, now was the time she needed herself the most. She would slowly build her self up from the start but this time she won’t pick up the pieces from the dirt, she would build every part of her, with a new perspective. Slowly but eventually she would learn to live with the pain and find peace in the past. She would come out stronger and braver. And one day she would tell the world the story of the boy who disappeared. She would thank him, the boy who fell out of the sky, she would thank him for leaving behind the greatest gift of all, for waking her up and showing her what reality really is. -H


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