I still see you sometimes.

Sitting alone I feel empty, thousands of thoughts are in my head but it feels like I have nothing to think of. The colors began to fade and I and no longer see the line between what is real and what may never be. Is it you or is it just me and my messed up brain. I sometimes see you, holding me and telling me it was just a bad dream, telling me that you never left, you were always there by my side. But then I pinch myself and pull myself into the bitterness of reality. I sometimes feel you, when it rains, I feel you next to me, I feel your breath against my skin telling me to dance with you. I sometimes hear you, yelling through the hallway, telling me that you’re gonna catch me, as I run while we play tag, I hear you saying all the things no one ever said before. But then I hear the door slamming in my face, I see the darkness and sorrow left in the room where there was once playfulness and joy. I feel the cold air, I feel the loneliness and betrayal, I feel the isolation and I feel you. So tell me, is it my messed up brain or is it you? –H


I still see you sometimes.

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