That Feeling

I have to admit, I’ve never had that feeling, that feeling that people talk about. They say that it feels like you are floating in mid-air and everything around you is perfect. It feels like nothing matters, the past or the future, you forget everything and you just live in the moment. It feels like for the first time in forever the world is on your side. Everything you’ve ever wanted all your hopes, your dreams and the untold fairytale is now complete. It feels as if the sky is the limit but you’re already on the moon. You’ve crossed the stars and you feel incredible, you feel invincible. You’ve proved them all wrong, and you’ve won the war, now it’s your turn, your turn to live the life you deserve and get all the happiness in the world. It’s Finally your turn to be the person you’re ment to be, and live the dream you’ve dreamt for years, the dream you fought for and put all your power into. As I’ve never felt that way, but I do wish to someday achieve all of the above. But for those who are feeling that way,live it, as long as you can, make it last. And never take anything for granted. Never forget where you come from and the person you were when you had nothing. Never forget the struggles that lead to this amazing moment in your life, and never forget the people who were by your side.-H


That Feeling

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