The Girl

So here I stand, at the end of the road, where I know it all ends. One step and I would finally be out of the shadows and into the light. So why can’t I let go? Why am I holding on? And what is it that is making me stay? All that there is behind me is the darkness and the pain, that’s all the past holds, so why do I want to step back, back into the fear and chaos? What is it that stops me from moving on, is it my mind, my soul, my heart or my body? Every bone aches and every part of me is now screaming, screaming out of confusion and uncertainty. One step and everything would be erased all the memories and the heartbreak would be gone forever. So what stops me from taking that one step?
They say every story needs a superhero and a villain for it to be complete, they say a happy ending can never really be happy without the struggle. So here I stand between light and dark, my story is yet to be complete, I may have my superhero but I have yet to find my villain. And with that thought I turn around, back to the sorrow and struggle, In search for my happy ending.-H

Hey guys, so last night I was feeling really lonely and I just couldn’t seem to sleep, I didn’t wanna stare at the ceiling so I closed my eyes, only to find that there was an image of a girl in front of me. She stood at the end of what seemed like a long road, she was dressed in black and she looked confused. The thing that scared me was that it was completely pitch black behind her and you couldn’t see a thing, but there was this light in front of her and it looked so pure and appealing, it seemed like she was staring into it and thinking. She looked quite and tired, she looked scared but also confident. I opened my eyes and she was gone, I knew that I had to write about it, it would and is the only way to get it out. I wrote about what I thought the girl was feeling, I wrote about what I saw in her eyes.

But what about you guys, have you ever seen anything that has made you wonder bout yourself, if you have let me know in the comments, at least I won’t be the only one. With Love H


The Girl

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