Does Time really heal the pain?

When you left to follow your dreams, I had nothing, my friends told me that time would eventually heal the ache. So why is it that now after two years when I finally see your face it’s like someone just poured salt on my wounds? Why do I not feel like I’ve healed over the course of two years? I think that time just pushed the feelings and memories behind a wall I created around my heart after you left. Because after two years of being miles apart we now stand in the same room. And all the memories hit me like bullets one by one breaking me apart on the inside. Everyone around me is dancing and singing, it’s a room full of people, so why can’t I get my eyes of you? I see you walking towards me. I see that you’ve grown and act serious but you have the same silly eyes I fell for. As you get near to where I stand, I feel my anxiety kick in, my hands start to sweat and my body shakes, it feels like there is no oxygen in the room and I can’t seem to breathe. My heart skips a beat and my eyes get teary. A part of me wants to hug you and ask how you’ve been, a part of me wants to scream in your face and tell you about all the emptiness inside me since the day I let you go. But a part of me just wants to leave and never see your face again, a part of me just wants a hole to open up on the floor I stand and for it to swallow me in so I don’t have to face you and feelings you bring along. We now stand so close so why do you seem so far away, you open your mouth to say something and I open my eyes to the sun rise and the birds singing.H
Hi guys, so have you ever let someone walk out of your life without actually telling them how you feel? Do you guys have incomplete stories with just no endings?  And if you do then how would you feel if that person came back into your life after being miles apart for years? Well for me, I would just want to run away, maybe I’m to afraid of what they might say or maybe there’s just nothing left to say.  I believe that time doesn’t really heal the pain of losing someone, it just buries the feelings deep inside you. And right when you see that person after so long all those memories come rushing back and the same feelings arise. What about you guys, do you think time heals us or does it just make us immune to the feelings inside us? With love H

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