These Voices


Hi guys, so I thought it was time to share more about me and the things that make me a “different” or “imperfect” human being as some might say. But I post my fears and imperfections in hopes of finding someone who reads this and thinks “hey, I do this too.”. I want all of us “misfits” to know that it’s okay not to belong. And we don’t have to be perfect, to me perfect is just boring.

So I have these voices in my head, and they never seem to stop. I would be talking to my friend about ice cream and they would think that it’s just a normal conversation, but for me ice cream wouldn’t be the only thing in my head, no there are gonna be so many thoughts and voices and words and sentences and what not going on in my head. For example, these are the kinds of voices that will be in my head, while I’m trying to talk about frickin ice cream, “Do I look okay”, ” of course you don’t, you look like a fucking idiot”, ” you don’t even belong here, no one likes you”, “they only invited you because they feel bad for you”, ” you have no friends, no one cares about you ” and etc..

When in real life, those people are my friends and they seem to have a great time with me. So why can’t I accept that and does my head always mess around with me. I’m the kind of a person who seems to see the best in other people but when I look in the mirror I only see the worst in me. And yes I have been working on controlling these voices. But most of the time you’ll just see me in a corner whispering for them to stop, and yes that does mean I tend to talk to myself but that’s a story for another time. -H

Okay so before this gets to deep, I’ll end it here for now. But as always please let me know in the comments if you hear voices in your head too, I’d love to know how you deal with them. And if you feel anything is not right about you or you feel different comment below and just get it out and we’ll talk. With virtual hugs, H

These Voices

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