I Can Finally Feel Again


The stars they shine, and the moon is alive. The night is young, you and I, we’re dancing on an empty road under a street light. The air is cold but your hands are warm, we hold on to each other and keep each other company when we have nothing. Yes, we may not know who we are or where exactly we belong, but right now it’s just you and I and it feels like I can finally see clearly. Even in the dark I can see the colors and God they look so bright. As we dance, I feel like a bird set free, I guess all along my heart was locked in a cage, little did I know, you held the key. I no longer fear and I no longer cry, I guess I was numb all this time, but now I can finally feel, I can feel my heart racing against my chest, I can feel my feet move freely, I can feel our bodies collide as one and I can feel the warmth of your breath, finally I am no longer sitting at the end of a hole, no I’ve been saved, I’ve been pulled out and now it’s my turn to dance, and sing and laugh, my turn to show the world that it is possible to feel again, and recovery might just be the best thing that ever happened to me.-H


I Can Finally Feel Again

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