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Words, they seem to fascinate me, the way they join together letter by letter like pieces of a puzzle, they join together to form some of the most beautiful and heartwarming sentences. They hold the power to light up someone’s world or to shatter it completely. They touch our hearts and stay with us forever, as each one of them is spoken or read, we seem to never forget. As they ring in our ears like music to our souls, it’s funny how something as simple as a,b,c can hold so much meaning. They come from the heart, from deep within, with just a few sentences they can change the way you see someone, the way you feel about someone.


Ever since I was a child words always seemed to blow me away, I remember once we had to learn the lines to Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest”, I remember all my classmates learning the lines, reading through them without giving it any thought, after all they needed the A’s. But I would stay up all night finding meaning to every word, falling deep into the rhythm of his writing, understanding how each word carried small meaning which added up to make something incredibly beautiful. All I wanted was to write, until my writing could fascinate others the way his did, I wanted each letter written by me to stay in their hearts and give them comfort when the had nothing. I didn’t want to be famous, I didn’t want to be remembered by the masses, I just wanted them to remember what I had written and learn a thing or two from the words I laid down before them. I guess that’s all I really still want.-H



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