The TV Show Tag

Hi guys, today I’m gonna be doing the TV Show Tag, the reason I’m doing this tag is because TV Shows play an important role in my life, they have helped in so many ways and I have definitely learned and changed as a person because of TV Shows. The rules to this tag are very simple, you just have to answer the questions given below. I hope you guys have fun reading through.


1) A show that shouldn’t have been cancelled.

Either Revenge or Awkward, because I loved both of these shows so much, and I feel like they still had a storyline that could be continued, and they were so awesome that I cried when they ended.


2) A show you wish more people were watching.

The Path  starring the amazing Aaron Paul and Hugh Dancy (I mean who wouldn’t watch a show with these two in it?)


3) Favourite Show Ever?



4) Favourite New Show

Definitely Stranger Things 


5) Show You Hate

Hate is a strong word, I dislike Game Of  Thrones (I understand if you hate me now)


6) Show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving.

Mr Robot


7) Show Everyone Should Watch

I couldn’t decide so it’s a tie between three, Stranger Things, Supernatural and Scare PewDiePie.


8) Favourite Female Character

Either Jenna Hamilton from Awkward, or Marnie from Girls.


9) Favourite Male Character

Dean Winchester from Supernatural, or Dylan Massett from Bates Motel


10) A Show You Plan On Watching

American Horror Story or A Series Of Unfortunate Events (it’s not released yet)

Well there you go guys, all the TV shows mentioned above are amazing and you guys should totally watch them if you haven’t already. Some other tv shows I have watched and love are listed below,


-Pretty Little Liars

-The Vampire Diaries

-How To Get Away With Murder


-The Night Manager (and there are like million more but I think this is enough for now)




Stranger Things (5).jpg


The TV Show Tag

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