I too am just like you..


I see you through the corner of my eye, I see you struggle and fall, I see you cry and I see you burn, no matter how hard you try I see you. I see you through the mask you attach to your face every morning and I see you through the walls you build to surround you, I hear you through the music blasting in your headphones. I feel the wetness of your pillows every night and I feel the pills that go down your throat every morning, I feel the sweating of your hands and the beating of heart when you face them, I feel the blood pump through your veins and the chills at the back of your spine when you think of him. I feel the knife dig deeper into your flesh with each word that escapes his mouth. I hear the voices and all that they say, I see the faces, I see the the demons and all that they break, I feel the suffocation and emptiness because I too am just like you.-H 



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