In my mind (short story)

It was so dark I couldn’t see a thing, it was so cold and I felt numb, all I could hear was his voice, all around me I heard his words echo in the empty street. I tried to run but I was frozen and I didn’t have the power to lift my feet off the ground, I tried to move but my arms and legs disagreed. I looked up to see a pair of ocean blue eyes staring back at me, I felt my whole body shake out of fear, but how was it possible for someone so beautiful to be so cruel. I turned around but instantly I felt his warm hands grabbing at my wrists and pulling me back. His grip was so tight, but it didn’t hurt me, his gaze on me was strong, almost like he could see through me and his jaw line was so sharp it could practically cut through glass. I saw a smile creep up from the corner of his lips as they brushed against my neck making me flinch, I heard him say “goodbye princess” As his hot breath made contact with my cold skin and that was when I felt it, the unexplainable pain in my chest as the blood escaped my lifeless body and there I lay in the empty street his voice still in my head and the knife still in my hand.-H


Hi guys, it’s me again, so today I thought about trying something different on my blog and writing a short story type thing. So I just had this idea and I didn’t really know what it was at first but I still went with it and 20 minutes later I had this on my previously blank page. I guess what it means at the end is that she loved so much that she started to see and hear him everywhere and it drove her crazy and she ended up killing herself, only that she didn’t know that it was her doing it and not him, so yeah, I hope you guys like it and if there are any mistakes please let me know in the comments as it is my first time writing something like this so please don’t laugh at my mistakes 😕😕. With A Big Virtual Hug -H 

In my mind (short story)

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