She Said… (Short Story)


He stood there in the middle dim, narrow hallway as he watched her with love, curiosity and emotion burning in his eyes. She sat there, her body so fragile, it could shatter into a million pieces with the slightest of touch. Her tear-stained cheeks were illuminated in the light, he reached out and offered her his hand, she took it with slight hesitation, her skin soft and smooth he felt himself melting into her touch by the second. Time passed and he tried his best to cheer her up, he loved it when she smiled, he loved the dimples on her cheeks and he loved the color of her eyes, it was brown but not the boring type of brown. He loved the way her hair fell into her eyes and wondered how she manged to keep it there without getting annoyed. He loved how she had just dyed it a beautiful shade of bright blue, he loved how she was never afraid of taking chances, she would always follow her heart, unlike him, he was a coward, he kept his feelings bottled up inside his heart and never let any emotion show. Everytime she hugged him, he felt his heart beat a little faster, everytime she said his name, his stomach flipped. He remembered when they were kids, he would tell her he loved her all the time and she would always giggle and say it back, thinking about it now gave him butterflies in his stomach. Now that they were older things were complicated, she was broken, she was no longer the girl who brought light into his life, she had fallen and couldn’t seem to get up. So he decided it was his turn, his turn to bring the short-tempered, blue haired girl back to life. It was his turn to pick her pieces up off the ground just like she did when he was down. So he made her smile and wiped her tears, he held her close and whispered in her ear, he never once left her alone he took away the nightmares and gave her peace, and just like that one morning they were sitting on the couch eating breakfast when she said something, something that turned his world upside down and made him the happiest boy alive, she said “I love you” and his dream came true.-H

She Said… (Short Story)

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