I Fear Imperfection.

Atelophobia: the fear of not doing something right or the fear of not being good enough. Quite simply put it’s a fear of imperfection.”


Ever since I was a kid I was surrounded with high expectations and compared with my older brother. He did everything right, and he was the perfect child, I was (still am) the clumsiest person on Earth and always ended up screwing things up. I had one simple goal in life, and that was to be perfect. I feel that as the years have gone by I’ve learned and I’ve grown. I know that you don’t have to be perfect and that you are beautiful just the way you are. But no matter what I live with this constant fear of never being good enough, or never being pretty enough, I find myself comparing me to everyone else and picking our my own flaws.

I also find it hard to believe in myself, it’s like I watch someone do something and I tell them that they are great at it and I genuinely feel happy for them but I then tell myself to look at how perfect that person is, I tell myself how I’ll never be that good at anything. And sometimes all I really want is someone to come up to me and tell me that I can do it if I try, unfortunately I’ve never really had someone there to hug me and tell me that I am good enough and that I do matter. But one thing that I do have is writing and the internet, I have music and I use all these things to cope with myself and my insecurities.

Hopefully one day I’ll find someone who will be able to see through me and encourage me but for now from one broken soul to another I beg you please help someone when they need it. If your friend is insecure or hurting they will most probably try to push you away, don’t leave them, they are pushing you away because they need you the most, so please compliment someone when they look good, hug someone when they look like they need it, don’t hold back, if the person isn’t crying doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting, it just means they’ve gotten really good at hiding it. -H

Hi guys,so it’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my personal fears/insecurities with you guys, so here it is, yup I fear imperfection, if you could in any way relate to this post then I hope you know that you are not alone and I’m just as crazy as you, and that you are beautiful even if you forget it sometimes. I hope you stay awesome and stay weird (cause normally is just “meh”)  Loads of Love-H


I Fear Imperfection.

20 thoughts on “I Fear Imperfection.

  1. Oh, you most certainly aren’t alone 🙂 So many people hold that feeling inside them, just not ready to make themselves vulnerable enough to express it! I am sorry, that there is noone in your surounding available to hug your insecure feelings away… Keep writing, I don’t “know” you, but I know writing is something you do well 🙂

    *big hugs* 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate your words and they truly mean so much to me, writing does help me but seeing feedback and comments like these they truly make my day, thank you for taking the time to comment, you have no idea how much this made me feel better ☺

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  2. I’m more than glad to read that my words made you feel better 🙂 To me, this is the difference between writing (as in writing a book) and blogging. The instant connexion with readers and feedback after every chapter your imagination lays on your “wall”.

    Keep writing, you are gifted in your own way, and always do it to make it feel you better, never to please people… Some posts will make passion rise, some will go by without notice, and that’s just the way it goes. But everyone of them is important, because it is what you needed to write about at that precise moment in time 🙂

    Have a great week end!

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    1. They way you express yourself, and the things you say, I can’t explain how greatfull I am, these days it’s all about moving forward, no one stops to see the person beside them, we have enough on our plates already, so thank you so much for reading what I write and being so supportive, you truly are a beautiful person, I may have never met you but the way your words effect me and what I’m going through show that you are an amazing and caring person inside out. Thank you!

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      1. *major case of blushing – no this is not a full face sunburn!!* 😉

        Well, this comment just made my greyish rainy day 🙂 🙂

        I just had a quick look at some of your blog’s stats, and noticed that you had just celebrated your 4th month as a blogger, and already have 78 readers! Way to go girl!! I checked back my stats, and I only had 29, at the same point…

        Building a readers base is the hardest thing at first… You have nothing to worry about.

        Two tips, if I may, as a blogger friend 🙂

        1) I think I’ve seen you in a party once, but my memory often fails me, so I might be wrong… If you want to share your blog with other writers, come to Meet & Greet parties! This weekend there are many going on… Let me know if you want links 🙂

        2) Having a “search by month” widget probably would help you too… When I discover a new blog like yours, I like to go back in time… Without that widget, I get tired of scrolling down the list. I guess I am not the only one who’d enjoy your past posts more if we could search them that way 🙂

        Hoping this will help 🙂

        Keep up the good work!! I’ll be expecting your future posts 🙂

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      2. Wow, you’re so kind and caring I don’t even know what to say, I mean I can’t thank you enough for your support, thank you for the tips and I feel so lucky that you actually took the time and effort to read my work and appreciate it. I just hope you know how much this means to me, to have someone I can ask anything, I’m not a very “social person” so it’s hard for me to make friends due to my “awkwardness” but you’re so kind and accepting, I’m really speechless and blown away by your work but more by how much you care and how genuinely nice you are. *sends big virtual hug* ☺

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      3. *big hugs* to you too 🙂

        It is a pleasure to share tips with you! If it helps, it will make your experience at blogging more enjoyable, and it will reflect in your writing 🙂 Win/win for everybody!

        Let me know if you need a help… You can always get in touch privately via my “contact” page 🙂

        Happy Sunday! xx

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  3. It’s a very honest post. I think we all have insecurities and how we are raised will influence how we feel about ourselves. I totally get your feeling of not being good enough and questioning if you are constantly. I experience the same and I know where it’s coming from, it’s similar to your story. But I also learned that you can work on it. You are in fact good enough. You just need to realize it. And then remind yourself on a daily basis that you are. Easier said than done but who said life would be an easy ride, right?

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    1. Yes, I totally agree with you, and the whole point of this post is to let people like me know that they aren’t alone and that you can get through it, so I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to comment and it makes feel better that you can relate, it kinda makes me feel like I’m not alone.

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