I Read A Story..


Here I sit, crying in the middle of the night, I just read a story about a boy who fell in love with another boy, they traveled the world, they got married, they gave each other comfort and held each others hands when it got dark outside, they adopted a little baby girl with crystal blue eyes and the brightest smile, they raised her to be the most beautiful young women. And one day the boy died, he left his lover and his child behind to fall into the grasp of grief and sorrow, he left them and they hated it. Yes, his departure did bring the worst of pain but he didn’t leave his lover and his baby girl empty-handed, he left them with days and months and years of unforgettable memories, he left them with the words he wrote, the stories he told and the poems he spoke of. He gave them the most memorable of times, he gave them a piece of him, he gave them his love as he left to join those who were long gone before him. He left them with the lessons they had learnt from him, he taught his lover to be kind and gentle, he taught his lover to trust and smile, he taught his daughter to be graceful and accepting, he taught her to follow her dreams and seek love, wherever it may be, he taught her to never give up. For this world may be cruel, but in our hearts we hold kindness and love, hopefully this will drive the cruelty away from us. -H

Hi guys, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long, I’ve been really buys with “life” I guess. Anyway so it was about 1:30 AM and I was reading a story about two boys, one was really shy and the other was confident, they fell in love and adopted a cute little girl, but the shy one died of cancer and the story made me cry, I loved their love even though I know that love like that doesn’t really exist and it’s all just fantasy, I still wanted it to be real and I wanted him to live. -H

(I’m straight but I support the LGBTQ+ community in everyway, and if you don’t then plz leave, I’d rather my blog have less but nice and caring people than more but horrible and mean people read my posts)

I Read A Story..

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