A Little Talk


Hey guys, it’s been a while since I actually sat down and talked to you, so today I thought I would post something a little different than usual. As you know this blog is very important to me, it’s a place I post about what goes around in my mind, a place we’re I can be myself, but when I started this blog I never wanted it to be all about me, yes the posts are personal and about me (most of the time) but I wanted this blog to be a place where my readers could relate to me, and understand that they are not alone and that we all face struggles in our life, yes everyone has their own demons to deal with and my fight will never be exactly the same as your fight, we see the world from a different perspective, no one faces exactly the same problems, but that does not mean that they have to face these problems alone.

I want you to know that any time you are struggling, or not sure about anything or fuck it if you ever feel alone just leave me a comment and we can talk. I want this blog to be a pace were you can lose yourself, and I know that all my posts are not always positive (they’re depressing af) but I write what I feel and maybe one day my posts will be about love and all that cheesy shit but as for now I’m gonna go with my heart and fill the pages with whatever comes to mind.

But the main point of this post was to let you know that I am and always will be here (unless I fall of my chair and die, which to be honest sounds like something only I could do) I will listen to what you have to say and be there for you, I wanna be there for people in the way that no one ever has for me. So please if you ever need anyone to talk to just know that there’s an extremely awkward and utterly lame person who could be a serial killer waitin to hear it all.

That’s all for now, see ya in a day or two.-H

A Little Talk

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