Thank You!

Here I sit staring at an empty page, waiting for it to automatically be filled with words. I try and try to come up with something, but it’s just blank, there’s nothing I can think of, I want it to be like the old days, when I would fill up endless number of pages with my feelings, I’d let my emotions flow through me and on to the sheets. But now, there’s nothing, I look around and it’s all just black, no color no emotion. Have I become a robot? Why can’t I feel?, Why can’t I think clearly?, Why am I so numb?
I know that my heart is beating because I’m still alive, but i don’t feel my heart beating, I don’t feel the warmth of the air, I don’t feel the blood running through my veins and the tears are dripping down my checks. Does this happen to everyone?

Hi guys so yesterday I reached 100 followers on my blog, and I can’t put into words how thankful I am for every single person who stayed by me and read what I had written. The paragraph above is something I wrote a while ago, I had no idea I still had it, I decided to post it because I wanna make it clear that my blog won’t always be the happiest place to visit and that’s okay, just because it isn’t happy does not mean it isn’t real. My posts will change from time to time, along with my mood and what I feel. But I put a a lot of effort and honesty in what I write, and I feel so grateful for the people who have appreciated what I have written.
When I started my blog I thought that I sucked at writing and I was no good, but I took a chance and here I am 5 months later thanking 100 people for reading what I had written. So please if you think you have something take a chance, believe in yourself and who knows what may happen. With the biggest hugs and a great thank you. -H

Thank You!

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