The Truth |A Short Story


When she met him he had the brightest smile, his touch was so gentle and soft, his voice as he sang to her a quiet lullaby every night made her forget who she was and float into the dream world without fright. She was falling hopelessly, drifting aimlessly. She tried and tried but his charm took her over, the way his feet moved with the beat as they danced, the way he held her made her take a chance.
Now she let go and left the past behind, she was a hopeless romantic putting up a fight, that’s what they said right? “Do whatever it takes to make him mine.”
As the days passed his smile turned into a frown, his eyes were now darker his hair unkempt fell in his face, but he didn’t care. He never took her out anymore, the sounds of laughter in the house died down and the sounds of sobbing and his favourite vase being smashed against the walls were now floating in the air.

They wouldn’t talk anymore, they couldn’t. He would bring home a new girl every night just to forget the one who would make him lose the sense of time. She would get high and drink till the pain reached numbness, just to forget the words he had said the day she gave him her heart, which now barely had the motivation to beat, she was tired, worn out, so before she let the last of the bottle of pills sink in, she asked “is this what love means?” “Is this what they felt in the movies?” That’s when she closed her eyes for the last time. -H


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