Pretty Girls |A Poem



Pretty girls, paper-thin, fragile skin,
Pretty girls hide your scars, you don’t want them to see who you are.
Pretty girls, face powder and salads, watch your weight.

Pretty girls, surgery is to look pretty, the price you pay for beauty.
Pretty girls, fake that smile,
Pretty girls put on lipsticks and high heels,
Don’t forget to avoid eating those meals.

Pretty girls, pink is for you and no other color you must choose.
Pretty girls don’t forget the diet pills, don’t forget to please society,
Pretty girls don’t forget to hide your anxiety.-H

Maybe I don’t wanna be pretty, maybe I’m already much better, maybe I’m already beautiful.

Pretty Girls |A Poem

9 thoughts on “Pretty Girls |A Poem

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    1. Yes of course I would, I feel so honored and greatfull, thank you so much for appreciating what I have written and giving me a place in your team,I’ve never been told I’m good at something or given a reward and for the fist time I felt like what I was doing meant something, so thank you again for giving me pupose and making me feel confident in what I was doing by supporting me and posting my article, I really truly appreciate it.

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      1. The Millionaire's Digest says:

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