Your eyes are like perfectly blended coffee with a hint of milk, just enough to give the right taste. But I don’t drink my coffee with milk, I never drink my coffee with milk, I don’t let the dark mix with the light, the trails of sorrow with delight.
I don’t let the pure white fall into my mug filled with empty dark liquid, I drink it as it is.
Your smile is like the sun as it comes out after the rain, but I never liked the sunshine, I find the rain more entertaining. I find the fact these little droplets of water, together they have the power to keep us humans inside. As we sit by our widows and wait for it be over, with all the technology we have we can’t stop it, as it soaks us from head to toe, we can stop the sun by shielding our eyes but the rain, that’s a different story, even with an umbrella we can’t help but step into a puddle created by those very droplets falling from the sky, they keep us grounded and there’s nothing we can do but stare.

Your hands are soft, your touch is inviting, but I don’t tend to go where I’m invited, like last night, I almost made it to deaths door, after all, I was invited. Sometimes the worst things shine the brightest. -H


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