2017! (A Little talk with you guys)


Hi guys, I guess I could make this another “my new year resolutions” type of post or I could for once not care about me and make this post about you. Yeah you heard/read it, this is a post about you, I wanna talk to you and I have some requests to make, so read along and it might even put a smile on your face ( that kinda rhymed)
So there are 365 new days coming along, that means there are 365 new chances as well. I want you to take a deep breath and stop worrying, I want you to make your life up as you go. These 365 new days are like a new phone that you buy, it comes along with some already installed apps and a lame wallpaper, but as soon as it’s in your hands you customise it, you make it your own, you put up a new wallpaper, you download more apps and as time passes your phone starts become more and more like you want it, similarly these 365 new days will come with a custom routine for you to follow, you need to eat, drink, sleep to stay alive, but it’s up to you what you eat and drink, where you live, what you study, who you meet and who you are.
I want you to take it slowly and step by step change a single little detail in your life everyday, just like changing that first crappy screen saver, I want you pay attention, focus and most importantly not worry.
If everyday you change a bit of your same boring life in the next 365 days you will be proud of what you have done.
I want you to accept yourself, love yourself, care for you and those around you. I want you to smile more often, and no not that fake smile, I want you to genuinely smile and be happy, stay positive, stay true, and never expect too much of others, expectations ruin half of your already so miserable life anyway. Remember to one by one slowly change the way you see the world and keep you head held high, stay above the water, don’t drown and if you wanna cry , don’t hold it back, let the tears flow, don’t feel weak, don’t give up, keep reminding yourself and others, because if we don’t remind each other we may all forget someday, how beautiful we truly are. Happy New Year, and a big hug from me. -H

2017! (A Little talk with you guys)

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