I Remember |A Short Story


Tonight I’m alone as I stumble home, you’re fast asleep, so peacefully, you look as if you’re in the deepest dream, I dare not wake you. As I make it to the guest room and fling myself into the shelter of my mattress, I think of you how beautiful you looked under the glow of the fairy lights hung above the bed, you looked so tiny, your body delicate and frail.
I wonder where I would’ve been if it weren’t for that night on the train station, as the trains flew by, I stood there breathing the cold December air one last time as I raised one foot to jump, but from the corner of my eye I saw a wave of blonde hair, a pretty blue dress, and copper brown eyes, my heart melted my legs turned to jelly as you approached me, asking for directions, my mind was going around in circles, the strong aroma that followed you everywhere you went, you smelled like sunshine and strawberries, when you spoke your voice, so calm it made me forget why I stood on the edge in the first place, why I was going to give up so early. You were like an angel, you stayed by me, you held me when no one else did, I opened up to you and I learned that it’s okay to make mistakes, you soon told me that you were just as messed up as me, and we fought together.
I remember going to Paris and taking you to the Eiffel Tower, getting down on one knee was the bravest thing I’ve ever done in my life, fear so purely visible in my eyes, you said yes and I took you in my arms we both started to cry but for once in my life they were tears of joy. -H

9 thoughts on “I Remember |A Short Story

      1. Wait, what? Okay now I’m really excited but you do know that just the fact that you support me and are constantly being kind to me is more than I could ever ask for, you don’t have to ever do anything for me, your comments are enough to make my day, it really does lift me up when I see how kind you are and I feel so lucky to have found you and your blog, so once again thank you for everything☺

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