The Darkness


The darkness, black, a hole that can practically swallow you if you go near enough, all strength it has is built on nothing but suffering, nothing put pain that comes from others, they try to scream but the darkness swallows what little hope they seem to have. Many beautiful minds ruthlessly destroyed, blood filled hands only visible to the victims it is.
Swords and knifes hiding behind his back. Lips curved into the prettiest smile, he lures her in, his charm is magic, not the kind with sparkle and rabbits, the kind that stains blood on your favourite dress.
He smells of cigarettes and alcohol, she fears for her life but it’s too late to turn back now her mind fights her, voices calling her reckless, stupid but then he speaks, all warnings are brushed off, his voice is music to her ears.
That’s what the darkness is, gentle but rough, quite but screaming “stay away” at the same time, it’s all the adventure and all the mystery, it’s a thriller with a sip of fantasy, only this tale does not end happily, it ends with crawling and dragging, with pleading and yelling. It ends with one broken heart and an endlessly tortured soul.
So go ahead walk towards the darkness, I won’t laugh when you fall into that hole.-H

Hi guys, I know it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded and I’m so sorry, but I got really sick in the past week. I’ve also been busy with studying my finals are in a month, but I’m still gonna try and update more, take care. And stay awesome.-H

The Darkness

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