Never Mine..


The sound of heels clicking against the grey tiles of the hall.
The sound screws and nuts rattling from the ceiling fan rotating above my head.
The sound of each droplet of water falling as it collides with the dirty sink beneath it, each droplet of water losing its shape as it hits the surface, slowly deforming and shrinking to complete nothingness.
Her laugh creating an echo as it reaches my ears, I can almost imagine the wrinkles forming at the edges of her eyes, I can almost imagine her head thrown back her curls making their way over her shoulders. As she loses herself.

It hurts when all I can do is imagine, I cannot touch, for she is not mine, no, she was never mine to begin with. A heart torn between two souls, she was never fully mine to begin with.

Sitting cross-legged on the wooden floor of my bedroom, chin placed upon the knuckles of my left hand, back resting against a wall, the same wall I had punched several times, the same knuckles it seemed impossible to rid off blood stains.
Slowly I start rocking back and forth, praying for memory loss, amnesia anything to make me forget.
Sweet tender kisses, lips clashing way to often. It was a fairytale, a fantasy, I can now see what once was dream is evolving into a nightmare.
You were supposed to be here with me, now I’m left alone to bare my demons followed by yours too. Collectively a force so strong, I’m slipping, I can barely hold on.-H

Never Mine..

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