In The Movies |A Poem


Dry mouths and empty hearts.
Something to drink and something to drown in,
The way her fingernails dig into her flesh, her hands forming fists.

Blood drips down and tears are formed,
But it can all be wiped away with a single dry cloth,
Can it be forgotten though?

Running down the streets late at night,
Unsure of our surroundings, we are lost,
But isn’t that how it happens in the movies?

You see him through the crowds,
matching hearts and the glow of your souls
It’s like glitter on the sidewalk,
It’s like the jewels I never asked for.

One cold afternoon,
One empty hotel room.
Two slightly crippled hearts,
And the souls, those shining souls,
It’s such a shame, one now broken and the other completely numb.-H


Isn’t that how it happens in the movies though, you see him through the crowd, everything changes.-H


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