We Seem To Be Broken.


When our dreams fail us and reality kicks us in the arse that’s when we wake up.
When we realise the monsters aren’t under our beds they aren’t in the closet they breathe within us, two sides to every story, two parts of every person .
One so gentle and kind and the other aching on the inside, so when it’s finally free the outbursts start and pills are taken to keep down the feelings they’re not mistaken.

Are you lonely when you’re alone?

I wonder how many of us doubt ourselves everyday because the posters on our walls that’s who we’re supposed to be. So when “fake it till’ you make it” stops working we break.
We lash out and they think we’re crazy, that’s what we’re taught right?
It’s not called being crazy its emotional damage, but you can’t see it so it’s not there.
You can’t see her thoughts, so she’s fine, you can’t see his heart so he’s alright.
Doctors can stitch you up after an accident but what about your soul, who fixes that, your mind who can read that, who can stitch up all the bad thoughts and cover them with a bandage of good ones.
Who can see what goes on inside and who can really set us free?

Between you and me I think that we are all we have, so please don’t kill yourself with your own hands, the world’s full of people who can do that for you. The world’s full of liars and heartbreakers but are there enough people who heal hearts and mend souls, let’s start with ourselves because we seem to be quite broken too.-H


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