Promise |A Poem


I cannot promise you eternity,
I barely remember what I had for dinner last night.
And I barely remember how to smile.
Truly, that is.

I cannot promise you dry cheeks,
or a perfect body. Soft skin and a tight dress.
I can promise you piggyback rides, pillow fights.
Chipped nail polish.
I can promise you nightmares, trembling hands to hold,
sweatpants and depressed days spent in bed.

But I can also promise you cuddles,
Kisses, late night movies, tickling under the covers.
I can promise you stargazing, chicken soup and loads of coffee.
I can promise you deep conversations, I’ll mess with your mind,
You can have my heart in return.

I know that I am not her,
I am not blonde, skinny and proud.
I am insecure, sat in a shell.
I can barely match the color of my socks,
And I don’t like high heels.

But I can promise you my hand,
My soul, you already have my heart.
So, what can you promise me?
Can you promise that we’ll never fall apart?-H

Promise |A Poem

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