The World is Ours


They lied when they said “The world is yours”. It isn’t, the world is not mine and neither is it yours.

I don’t know about you but the world I live in does not belong to me. It belongs to politicians, it belongs to Donald Trump. It belongs to judges and lawyers that can be paid off to do great injustice in the cruelest of ways. It belongs to those who hold heavy bucks in their hands, they own the world.

The world belongs to business men and Political parties. It belongs to police men who seem to be blinded when the wealthy break the rules, or maybe their mouths are too full of 100 dollar bills, they can’t even speak.

My world is not blue, for blue is the color of the sky, the sea. And my world can never match that beauty.
My world is not grey, no that’s just the smoke that fills my lungs.
My world is not red, that is the color of all the innocent blood splattered across walls and floors, the blood of the poor. Because they couldn’t afford a trip to the hospital, but no one cares right? I just want my manicure done on time.

And my world can never be black, because that’s the color a man’s worth is based off of. The color that determines whether you’re a saint or a sinner. The color because of which it seems alright to discriminate someone. Because they’re black. And that’s just not right, yeah.

My world can never match the colors of a rainbow because that’s something you need to hide. It doesn’t matter if you’re born that way or if you want to be with whoever makes your heart beat, we said it’s wrong so you can’t make it right. This world belongs to society. And opinions, words that are wrongly shaped and actions that inflict pain.

The world is not yours or mine, it is not theirs, it is ours. So why don’t we join hands, why don’t we become better lawyers, better judges. Why don’t we look past money and what it can buy, why don’t we look at what it can’t buy?

Why don’t we break barriers and mix all the colors together, the blue and white and black and yellow, let’s make our own rainbow. And let’s teach them that we’re better than this, let’s stand together for once let’s built this world up rather than look for one of our own, we have sunlight, we have stars and a solar system, we have skyscrapers and we have airplanes.

Why don’t we have equality? Why don’t we respect? Why don’t we have justice?
Why don’t we have courage? -H

The World is Ours

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