Pain Is Not Beauty

“Pain is beauty”

I’m pretty sure whoever said that has either never felt pain, or just never seen beauty.

Because pain is not being able to look into someone else’s eyes afraid that they might see what you hide.
Pain is sitting on your bathroom floor at 2:00 am thinking how worthless you are.
Pain is not having your chin resting upon someone’s shoulder as you bury yourself in their warmth, pain is not having anyone there to hug you when you’re sad and the tears just won’t stop.

Pain is not anything like beauty, pain is treacherous, pain is having a fist hit you in the chest so hard that it comes out through the other side of your back. Pain is going from lovers to strangers, pain is seeing him with her.
Pain is not being able to go near the weighing machine, afraid you might just break it.

Beauty is nothing like pain, beauty is exceptional, beauty is the way her cheeks turn pink when she talks to him, beauty is the feeling of her mother’s necklace touching her skin bringing back memories of childhood and mischief.
Beauty is the box of chocolates he left on your doorstep because he screwed up last night.
Beauty is the way her eyes light up when she talks about her dreams and all that comes in between.

Beauty and pain can never be alike, because beauty and pain play different roles in different parts of our lives.
Pain teaches us to survive in the hardest of times and beauty, beauty shows us the aftermath of our struggle, and it’s always worth it. -H


Pain Is Not Beauty

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