Parts Of Us

​Grey skies, black clouds they seem to cover up my world these days but then there’s always the occasional rays of sunlight breaking through the atmosphere here and there.
So don’t worry its not all just gloomy. It’s like the quotes you read on tumblr, you know “not everything is perfect” and all that stuff. It’s like that, some days it’s dark and unpleasant, ravishing. Just dark.
And those days I like to sit back and close my eyes, those days are the ones in which I choose to hit “play”. And then they play, moving forward from the various holes in my mind it’s like watching a movie, only better.
Because it’s us. I watch us from our sweet, innocent beginning mellowing into the tragically inevitable ending.
But it’s the middle where I find my peace, those dark days seem to fade away, blue eyes staring into mine.Quiet nights, I would play the piano and God knows I was horrendous. But you closed your eyes and swayed to the screwed up melodies I played.

We were inseparable, super hero’s of our own comic books. Living our own little fantasy embedded into the very ends of our heads. But how long could we avoid reality. Soon all of it cought up with us, life took a heavy toll on us.
Don’t get me wrong, he still loved me, I still love him but we were no longer in love.
And now there are parts of us scattered across the Earth, some in New York where he sits in a two bedroom apartment trying to focus on the canvas before him. And the rest is in my heart where it shall stay for as long as I choose to keep it, to keep him. -H

Parts Of Us