We Are Not The Same


You are clinging to me, your fingernails digging into my flesh. Or more so you are clawing your way into the arms of hope, thinking that they will wrap around your body in an instant. Protecting you from the perception of evil your mind has created, providing the meaningless with profound meaning, giving you some faint sense of direction.

You walk this Earth with fear running in your veins, picking and prodding its way into your heart and every hemisphere of your brain. You are corrupted in every form and you are too far gone.

And though you might be made with dark thoughts and sweaty palms, ruled by emotions you cannot quite explain. I am hard as rock. Empathy does not have an empty space in my heart.

Because to me you are another soul in need of a savior, a boat lost in the sea. But I am not the shore, truth be told I am just as lost as you. But we are nowhere near the same. You look for a home in shards of glass that lay cracked around your feet, I am smart enough to know what is sharp will make you bleed.-H

We Are Not The Same

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