You Lit The Match


You lit the match. Not inside my heart, but inside my brain. My thoughts were on fire. Some would only scream your name, some would beg me to run.

But you lit the match, and so the fire spread. In my mind, out my skull. Bones burning in the heat, skin melting away like candle wax, slowly.
A house of wood, paper-thin soul inside. Watch it light up like fireflies in the dark of the night.

As smoke rises, ashes fall to the ground. Black and bruised, can you distinguish my ear from my nose? Body parts scattered, no flesh inside. As secrets abide. Remaining in place as the barriers drop. Even with a flame so strong you couldn’t bring me down, not the whole of me at least.

What hushed whispers you heard, were aching screams tethered to the ground.
Who are you trying to feed?
Perhaps it’s the monster, inside you keep.
Fist fighting, clawing and biting. It comes out, the monster inside.

But don’t you worry, for he will be gone when you wake up. And so will I.-H

You Lit The Match

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