An Odd Dream


I had a dream last night. The world had fallen devoid of empathy, color pigmented smiles turning upside down as the streets filled with brushstrokes of grey with black breaking through the cracks. There was a sense of sadness, some I’ve never felt and some being all too familiar at once. As hearts stopped beating, tears ran like floods down houses in a row, all looking the same with neatly trimmed lawns and blond-haired children on bicycles, I had to watch it disperse away.

So I stood there, in the middle of the chaos with screams erupting from the ground as purple droplets of chemical came like lighting to the canvas that was the Earth, soon to be washed away. Vanishing like it was never there. Then maybe to prove it was, our memories would rise attached to souls cut in half by pain, and loss and heartbreak. All the wrong that had been done with them while their bodies remained intact. They were right when they said they’d died on the inside.-H


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