The World I Live In


Grounded in a society overdosing on poverty, yet money still goes down drains when it’s time for her to marry him. Aren’t they supposed to be cousins?
My mornings start with a sense of emptiness when my eyes still blurry search screens for news better than another suicide bombing. But it’s never really there.

Living in a country that flaunts physical abuse and people still joke about hitting their wives. It’s all so fucked up but no one gives a fuck, so it only just gets worse while the people around me find solace in criticism of the next nerd that walks by as judgemental stares follow those with voices that speak of more than the next trend on twitter.

While they successfully land on Mars, we lie constricted in numb realities where couples can’t hold hands in public and smokers are sinners. We are choking on our own stupidity, using religion to do everything but the right. And it’s like sitting in a room on fire, being the only one awake it’s awfully hurtful and slightly annoying how ignorant the people around me are. Yet sometimes it feels like I’m sleeping in the same ignorance as them. When churches are burnt on Sunday’s and Mosque’s fall to the ground the very next week. It gets harder to believe.-H


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