Labels, As I Perceive Them.


Labels as I perceive them:

Labels can be an odd combination ranging from constricting air tight jars embedded with vague ideas of who you are or who you appear to be, then falling straight into classification of similar people to help alleviate friendships, blooming into concepts about your very being and boosting the process of self discovery, apparently.

I’ve never really been a fan of labels I believe they aren’t much different from uniforms that we perfect every morning to show the world who we are, or shed light upon what purposes we wake up every morning to serve. I feel like they don’t really give you enough room to discover who you are to go on strides with your personality and try to uncover every aspect, you don’t really have time for that before you’ve been weighed down with labels to announce to your friends and labels to hang in the bio of your Instagram, labels I bet you don’t truly even understand.

Apart from confinement and reduction of the area we have surrounding the determination of who we are, labels seem to reduce topics that otherwise hold great importance to mere words or letters, they manage to devalue the things that sometimes affect us the most in life, or represent us the most.
Words associated with mental health and sexuality and personality that are bound to affect us at some point in our lives are often thrown about by those who simply cannot grasp the idea or meaning behinds them, ignorance often causes labels to be used in the worst ways possible.

But at the end of the day some believe labels to be accurate representations of themselves and find them close to a helping hand when it comes to the big scary question of “Who am I?” While others like me believe and as cheesy as it may sound, we believe that we are who we are whether it’s anxiety that flourishes in our bones or the fact that we like girls more than boys as long as it’s a part of who we are and we stand aware of that, we could always work on it and try to keep asking questions instead of settling with words plucked out of societies dictionary of “we accept you, but not really”. –H


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