Infatuation, Empty| A Poem


You make the sky blush
Irises erupting In shades of burning brown
Misery, in multitudes
Dripping from the cracks in your soul.

Unsettling truths that seem to shine through
Curtains of all your stories
Stitched in silk.

Hearts that bleed at your feet.
Hands that creep into your bones
Melt inside your stomach
To become the part of your being
You never needed.

You make my world collide
With the rest of the planets in my mind
Until there is emptiness evident in my eyes
Spots that take up my vision

Before I fall
Down tunnels crafted
With your very hands
Fingertips carrying the charm
Of undeniable beauty
Infatuation blinding light to its own absence
Hence leaving me in the dark.-H


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