You are a mess, wine-stained mind, you never let them inside. You harbor emotions I cannot understand, conceal heartbreak in the punches you throw like your knuckles bleed in release. You are a hail storm I did not see coming, yet the snow has never felt more comforting. You pull at my heartstrings, to me your words are riddles, you’re high half the time and I’m stuck in the middle. And just when I think I’m over you, unfazed by your predictable fall, loud and agonizing. Just when I’m far enough to not ask how you are. Did it hurt? Are you okay? I shouldn’t care but I do.

He is everything you will never be. He is a hazy summer sunrise by the beach, tight lipped smiles, youthful at heart he hasn’t been scarred. He likes Harry Potter and wants to travel the world, his dreams seem almost easy, being with him is simple. He likes to take things slow. I’m used to smoking joints in the backseat of your car, lips on mine everything that helps me forget the world I belong to. He is nothing like you but so much better. I find myself staring at the pack of cigarettes you left me before I told you to leave. Wonder why I did that?-H

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