I told you I could love you no more. So there you went turning your dreams into dust, mistakes choking up chimneys of all the things we could be. And you wished to scream in the face of mortality, I feared death almost as equally. I stumbled upon your drifting frame in the city,you took me in with ease. Stood under street signs I did not understand, liquor laced breath and Chinese takeout in hand. I heard you liked to step outside of your body, feel the weightlessness of each passing day dressed in the fuck ups that made you. Pale tarnished skin, eyes that sunk in with every wavering step of uncertainty you took towards me and your lips they trembled before my gaze. And don’t get me wrong, I was willing to disappear just as much as you, write stories of hidden glory and love wrapped in gold. Anything to take me away. I saw you smile and I jumped, falling was never my thing so to your surprise I landed on my feet. Tangled in knots of affection, unravel me and watch me rise. Open up the treasure chest of sugar-coated poetry, verses of misfortunate times parallel to the pain in my bones. I stumbled upon your drifting frame in the city, funny how I’ve never been there since.-H

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