Flames In The Sky


These Metaphors seem to be the only things stitching us up into one, we have been burning up at the edges lately and I fear the flames leading up to me. My father told me to let go of my dreams, but when they consist of a single bedroom apartment in the city, bookshelves and a crappy coffee machine I lose focus of why that maybe so unattainable. I certainly don’t want to be rock star, or a billionaire I’d much rather spend my time creating a worthy sofa crease and shopping for the right cereal. I’ve realized how dangerous living in the reality of my life really is, because when you are born in a society that celebrates sexism and toxic masculinity is just a pair of complex words no one has ever bothered to look up. Women are oppressed and weighed down upon to the extent they believe it’s for their own safety, it’s all towns and villages build in lies, brimming with injustice in the name of religion, something they do not even try to understand for what it truly is, is not what they make it out to be.

I am starting to suffocate surrounded by a family that clings on to me too tightly and I fear I may never be able to escape this country where ignorance floods the streets and people are worried about how much of her flesh, is on display forgetting that the land on which they stay in running out of water and people are starving to death every single day. They keep sharing the same two strands of DNA in a family, will people stop marrying their cousins then wondering why their children won’t turn out “right”. I could go on about this forever considering it’s all that goes on in my mind. But it’s not like any of those things matter, right?-H

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