World Mental Health Day/ A Poem


We’re holding on as tightly as we can.
Fingers gripping on to feeble articles of meaning,
Trying to ground ourselves within this mess of this spinning globe we call The Earth.

Somewhere between the chaos of moving bodies,
And Instagram posts our hearts stop beating the same way as everyone else’s.
Lungs feel heavy and words get choked up in our throats.
We try to sublimate these feelings we barely even understand
Before we’re told to keep a lid on it and stop trying to unload the baggage we can barely hold.

Because mental health is just as invisible as it is painful.
Just as deadly as the amount of times it is overlooked by society.
But the people who suffer, they matter.

Asterisms of nervous smiles and kind anxious eyes.
Artists and poets and scientists turning pain into something tangible,
Something Understandable and approachable.

Do not struggle in loneliness and do not struggle alone.
Turn these feelings that scare you and the diagnosis they stamp on you,
Into something beautiful, into something meaningful.

Because mental health is so very real.
Mental health can scare you and it can change you.
But it can’t break you, not if you seek help and try.

Opening up to the right people and asking for help when needed goes a long way.
Believe me it does.

Keep an eye on the ones you love and talk about the things that matter even when it’s hard, even when you’d rather talk about Kim Kardashian or Kendall Jenner’s clothes talk about the last time you cried and why you don’t smile so much anymore. Whatever it is, talk about it.-H

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