I Read A Story..


Here I sit, crying in the middle of the night, I just read a story about a boy who fell in love with another boy, they traveled the world, they got married, they gave each other comfort and held each others hands when it got dark outside, they adopted a little baby girl with crystal blue eyes and the brightest smile, they raised her to be the most beautiful young women. And one day the boy died, he left his lover and his child behind to fall into the grasp of grief and sorrow, he left them and they hated it. Yes, his departure did bring the worst of pain but he didn’t leave his lover and his baby girl empty-handed, he left them with days and months and years of unforgettable memories, he left them with the words he wrote, the stories he told and the poems he spoke of. He gave them the most memorable of times, he gave them a piece of him, he gave them his love as he left to join those who were long gone before him. He left them with the lessons they had learnt from him, he taught his lover to be kind and gentle, he taught his lover to trust and smile, he taught his daughter to be graceful and accepting, he taught her to follow her dreams and seek love, wherever it may be, he taught her to never give up. For this world may be cruel, but in our hearts we hold kindness and love, hopefully this will drive the cruelty away from us. -H

Hi guys, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long, I’ve been really buys with “life” I guess. Anyway so it was about 1:30 AM and I was reading a story about two boys, one was really shy and the other was confident, they fell in love and adopted a cute little girl, but the shy one died of cancer and the story made me cry, I loved their love even though I know that love like that doesn’t really exist and it’s all just fantasy, I still wanted it to be real and I wanted him to live. -H

(I’m straight but I support the LGBTQ+ community in everyway, and if you don’t then plz leave, I’d rather my blog have less but nice and caring people than more but horrible and mean people read my posts)


She Said… (Short Story)


He stood there in the middle dim, narrow hallway as he watched her with love, curiosity and emotion burning in his eyes. She sat there, her body so fragile, it could shatter into a million pieces with the slightest of touch. Her tear-stained cheeks were illuminated in the light, he reached out and offered her his hand, she took it with slight hesitation, her skin soft and smooth he felt himself melting into her touch by the second. Time passed and he tried his best to cheer her up, he loved it when she smiled, he loved the dimples on her cheeks and he loved the color of her eyes, it was brown but not the boring type of brown. He loved the way her hair fell into her eyes and wondered how she manged to keep it there without getting annoyed. He loved how she had just dyed it a beautiful shade of bright blue, he loved how she was never afraid of taking chances, she would always follow her heart, unlike him, he was a coward, he kept his feelings bottled up inside his heart and never let any emotion show. Everytime she hugged him, he felt his heart beat a little faster, everytime she said his name, his stomach flipped. He remembered when they were kids, he would tell her he loved her all the time and she would always giggle and say it back, thinking about it now gave him butterflies in his stomach. Now that they were older things were complicated, she was broken, she was no longer the girl who brought light into his life, she had fallen and couldn’t seem to get up. So he decided it was his turn, his turn to bring the short-tempered, blue haired girl back to life. It was his turn to pick her pieces up off the ground just like she did when he was down. So he made her smile and wiped her tears, he held her close and whispered in her ear, he never once left her alone he took away the nightmares and gave her peace, and just like that one morning they were sitting on the couch eating breakfast when she said something, something that turned his world upside down and made him the happiest boy alive, she said “I love you” and his dream came true.-H



She, she was doing  great on her own, she was carrying her weight. She was starting to belong, she was starting to hold on, hold on to the person she was and things she had.  She could see her self in a place she wanted to be, a place she loved. All that she wanted was to make others smile, she wrote about love, light and all the blessings in life.

        Until one day he fell, he fell out of the sky and into her world. He took her places she’d never been before and he opened up doors to world’s she didn’t know existed. She didn’t walk alone anymore and he carried her weight. She put her trust in him, and her whole world started to revolve around him.  Until one day he left, he left without a goodbye or an explanation. He just disappeared, leaving everything in her world to crumble. She knew no longer what to do and how to cope. She was left to carry the weight, she was left to carry the heartbreak, the confusion and the pain. She had lost the person she was and had become someone she didn’t recognise. She had lost the way home and she had stopped living. Now she just seemed to exist among the others, she  no longer had a smile on her face. All she ever wrote about was the darkness and the sorrow. She no longer believed in love, she learned to spell it back word and knew it was evil.

      But somewhere inside her she knew that she couldn’t give up now, now was the time she needed herself the most. She would slowly build her self up from the start but this time she won’t pick up the pieces from the dirt, she would build every part of her, with a new perspective. Slowly but eventually she would learn to live with the pain and find peace in the past. She would come out stronger and braver. And one day she would tell the world the story of the boy who disappeared. She would thank him, the boy who fell out of the sky, she would thank him for leaving behind the greatest gift of all, for waking her up and showing her what reality really is. -H