A short guide to apologies..


We are all humans and sometimes we make mistakes, after all, mistakes help us grow and find ourselves. But sometimes the mistakes we make may hurt the people we love and the people who are the closest to us. Even though we don’t mean to hurt them we end up doing it. And the best way to fix things with the people you love is to apologise. Now some of us find it hard to do that or don’t know how to do it right, so the following steps can help you fix things and learn along the way

Step 1: Acceptance

The first step to apologising to the people you’ve hurt is accepting the mistake yourself. Always remember you can’t be honest with others if you’re not honest with yourself. So to start of, think of the mistake you’ve made and accept the fact that you are the one that needs to make it right.

Step 2: Preparation

Prepare yourself for the reaction of the person you’ve hurt. If you’ve caused just a bit of damage then the person will not react as harshly as they will if the you’ve caused a lot of damage. The person will either not talk to you, ignore you (give you the cold shoulder) or they will just yell at you. And you have to prepare yourself for all of the above. Always make sure to keep cool and understand that the person is mad because you hurt them so don’t yell back at them just let them take it all out and cool of.



Step 3: Words

If using  wrong words is the reason the other person is sad or angry, then try to fix the situation with the right words this time. Tell the person how much you love them and how much they mean to you. Pour your heart into the words that escape your mouth, say it like you mean it. Show the person some emotion and let them know how you wish to take it all back and make things right again.

Step 4: Actions

If your words did not bring an impact then it’s time to try to use actions. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Surprise the person with something they love, cook them a meal, or buy them their favourite coffee. If the person does not let you in simply leave something small but sweet at their doorstep something that they will know right away that it was you. Or gift them something that makes them remember an inside joke. Anything that makes them smile and think of the good times instead of the bad.

Step 5: Space

If all of the above have failed to work their way into the heart of the other person, then it’s time to give them some space. It’s time to let then clear their head and think whether to forgive you or not. So don’t push them let them take their time of, and if they care about you after a while of not talking and avoiding they will end up missing you and eventually forgiving you.