Boys with lungs collapsed and egos bruised, if you love her then you are lucky because the girls like to ride their bikes down paths carved in childhood scars, picture perfect smiles framed on walls melted like crayon wax in colors that stuck to the wallpaper of her bedroom. Had paper thin dreams that she learned would blow away with the wind in her chest someday. She often folds into herself until salty tears spill like waterfalls carved in her cheekbones. And if you dream about her than you are lucky. Because most of us lost her before she even waved, hello. She walks in fear of leaving behind footprints and if you love her than you are lucky. Because most of us are too drowned out to believe that she’s still got the fire in her heels. Paper dreams ablaze, she brings them back to life. So if you love her, I hope you know that you are lucky.-H

The Music Tag


Hi guys, it’s been a while since I’ve done a tag so when I came across this I thought “hey, this sounds fun” so here it is “The Music Tag”. So basically there are some questions below that I gotta answer so let’s get started,

1) The Last Song You Listened To:

Nights by Frank Ocean

2) Song You Discovered On YouTube/Tumblr:

Sick Of Loosing Soulmates by Dodie

3) Favourite Band:

Um I can’t decide here are the top few:

Twenty One Pilots
My Chemical Romance
The 1975
The Neighbourhood
Panic! At The Disco
Arctic Monkeys
Imagine Dragons

5)Name Some Albums You Love:

Badlands -Halsey
X -Ed Sheeran
Death Of A Bachelor -P!ATD
The Life Of Pablo -Kanye West
Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys -MCR
I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It -The 1975

6) Some of Your Favorite Solo Artists:

Ed Sheeran
Kanye West
Jon Bellion
Troye Sivan
Melanie Martinez

Okay guys I think that’s enough for now, but leave a comment below if you listen to similar music and we can talk, stay cool and happy new year. -H