Emotion Overdose


Fingers drumming against the dust on his desk, words scribbled across a Starbucks napkin stained with coffee along the edges.
And he swore to have his body inked by the age of eighteen, hidden under bittersweet smiles with sympathy laced in his breath and nicotine in his blood.

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Emotion Overdose

Labels, As I Perceive Them.


Labels as I perceive them:

Labels can be an odd combination ranging from constricting air tight jars embedded with vague ideas of who you are or who you appear to be, then falling straight into classification of similar people to help alleviate friendships, blooming into concepts about your very being and boosting the process of self discovery, apparently.

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Labels, As I Perceive Them.



“People are beautiful.” He said, such a small statement yet it left me feeling every ounce of the weight of my bones beneath my very skin, fingernails scratching at my lanky arms with frustration. It’s 3:00 am and I fail to find sleep, there are too many fucking sheep, before there are none. A burnt out cigarette and a can of Diet Coke later I’m still thinking of the curves of his rose tainted lips and the wrinkles around his smile as his eyes fill up with ecstasy or passion he’s got me by the chest and I can’t breathe.

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I Keep Thinking Of You


You are the crack in my bedroom wall I keep staring at. You are the color I saw in my grandma’s eyes before she died. You are everything gone wrong, every knee I scraped on concrete and every tooth I lost to the tooth fairy I once believed in.

You are the hefty weight of dread that sits upon my heart, you are not the heart-break but you are what comes after. After I’ve been bruised beyond repair and you are the sadness I saw on my father’s face when I failed him. You are the lover I’m running from and the stranger I wish I’d never met.

You are the sleep that I never get and the heaviness of every breath. The emptiness of each day and the burning of sunlight collapsing on my skin. With your fingerprints lingering in the edges of my brain, your touch makes my head buzz and my heart self destruct.

You are everything folded within the boundaries of nothing. And that scares me.-H

I Keep Thinking Of You

Heartbreak Spreads..


I forgot to say, “I’m sorry”. I’m sorry for pinning pins against your chest, giving birth to the destructive thoughts imploding in your head. I’m sorry for stomping on roses meant to be picked up and watered. Cutting the ropes you fastened to keep our love in place, snapping warm looks like twigs under heavy weight, burning bridges made to stay in place.

It was kind of like playing tug of war, I just forgot we were supposed to be on the same team. The same beam of light reflecting in opposite directions wounds forming right where it hurt the most. The heart.
And you had trouble conceding with the weight of my intentions, falling face first into an abyss. Lying there at the end of the pit thinking. The clocks ticking and I could make this longer add more smilies and metaphors plunge them from the heaps of literature sitting in my brain. But I just wanted to say I’m sorry, for doing to you what had already been done to me.

Heartbreak, it spreads like a disease. Doesn’t it?-H

Heartbreak Spreads..

The Universe


There are poets who write about the collision of atoms, the laws of the cosmos meaning the laws of the universe itself, the forming of constellations and then they compare it to the love they have for their significant other.

I can’t seem to do that. I mean have you looked up at the sky? That giant never-ending monstrosity, the void that is the universe. And I don’t mean staring at pictures of the stars through a mobile screen then writing poetry about how they shine so brightly.

I mean the planets, I mean what a telescope shows you. I mean looking up as soon as you’re out from under a roof. Just looking up.

And some people are too afraid of the universe to ever look up, they say it makes them feel small. It makes them shrink into themselves. And I understand that, but at the same time I don’t.

Because at the same time I know that when I look up at the sky it’s a constant reminder of how large I truly am. Because I myself am a part of the fucking universe. And the universe is a part of me. The very molecules that make our body mass are the molecules found in the center of high mass stars that exploded into the galaxy. How amazing is that? How fucking amazing.

Because the following are the very words of a genius himself,

“We are all connected to each other biologically, to the Earth chemically and to the rest of the universe, atomically.” -Neil deGrasse Tyson

How does that make you feel? Knowing you are not nothing but a part of the galaxy.-H

The Universe