A Late Night


I can see cracks in your skin, bruises on your thighs. Stood under dimly lit lights, empty streets and caffeine in my blood. It’s 2 am and I’m staring at the sky, as raindrops dance on the windows of shops long closed.And I say a little prayer asking God to stop time. Just like this, because the emptiness in my bones isn’t there, not like it was yesterday and the day before that. I wonder if this is being fine? Have you ever felt alright?

They told you to love her like poets fell in love with words and artists with art. I still remember the day I stole your skateboard, you weren’t mad because I was your friend and it was my birthday. Turning a year older had never felt better than it did that night. I scraped my knees on the road and you scared me on the way home. Something about needles and vaccines.But you could never stay, because they told you to love her like the skies loved the sea. Because they told you to love her. And that’s all that mattered to me.-H