The Weight Of My Youth


Wrap me up in polythene plastic. Saran wrap around my lungs, and I do this to myself too often.
Build cages of fractured bones and punctured skin, music to my ears the flattening of thoughts that burn up in my head. I could let my youth take the blame, the hollow timeframe of adolescence carrying the weight of every reckless choice I had made. From fifteen to eighteen, regret built a home inside my skull, a parasite I could not rid my body off. I’m still trying, trying to fight it.

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Labels, As I Perceive Them.


Labels as I perceive them:

Labels can be an odd combination ranging from constricting air tight jars embedded with vague ideas of who you are or who you appear to be, then falling straight into classification of similar people to help alleviate friendships, blooming into concepts about your very being and boosting the process of self discovery, apparently.

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“People are beautiful.” He said, such a small statement yet it left me feeling every ounce of the weight of my bones beneath my very skin, fingernails scratching at my lanky arms with frustration. It’s 3:00 am and I fail to find sleep, there are too many fucking sheep, before there are none. A burnt out cigarette and a can of Diet Coke later I’m still thinking of the curves of his rose tainted lips and the wrinkles around his smile as his eyes fill up with ecstasy or passion he’s got me by the chest and I can’t breathe.

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Summing Up 2017


I know, I know this isn’t what I usually do and it doesn’t fit the whole layout of my blog, but the year’s ending and I’m tired. I hate making resolutions that I know I won’t give a shit about after the first week of 2018. And 2017..It wasn’t a great year for me and I can’t sit here and fill pages over pages talking about what I’ve achieved this year, so I’m just going to answer a few questions that will hopefully sum up this not-so-great year for me. You can answer along or even take it as a challenge and post it on your very own blog.

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The Music Tag


Hi guys, it’s been a while since I’ve done a tag so when I came across this I thought “hey, this sounds fun” so here it is “The Music Tag”. So basically there are some questions below that I gotta answer so let’s get started,

1) The Last Song You Listened To:

Nights by Frank Ocean

2) Song You Discovered On YouTube/Tumblr:

Sick Of Loosing Soulmates by Dodie

3) Favourite Band:

Um I can’t decide here are the top few:

Twenty One Pilots
My Chemical Romance
The 1975
The Neighbourhood
Panic! At The Disco
Arctic Monkeys
Imagine Dragons

5)Name Some Albums You Love:

Badlands -Halsey
X -Ed Sheeran
Death Of A Bachelor -P!ATD
The Life Of Pablo -Kanye West
Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys -MCR
I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It -The 1975

6) Some of Your Favorite Solo Artists:

Ed Sheeran
Kanye West
Jon Bellion
Troye Sivan
Melanie Martinez

Okay guys I think that’s enough for now, but leave a comment below if you listen to similar music and we can talk, stay cool and happy new year. -H